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System i – DDL vs DDS


In today’s world using SQL / DDL is the obvious path to managing our database objects. This has long been true with the other Database Management Systems and is the future path for the System i. There are major differences in the way DDL objects are treated by the OS resulting in improvements in data integrity and performance. Let’s get a better understanding of why this is the path we should take and how to get there.


SQL Terminology

In the DDS world on System i the terminology used is a bit different from the terminology used in the RDMS world of SQL.  We'll do a short overview. 

What is SQL / DDL ?

A discussion about SQL origins as well as what the functionality of DDL is. 

What are the Advantages of using SQL/DDL ?

The Primary Advantages of using DDL instead of DDS

Data Integrity – Data Validation Differences

Data Integrity – Referential Integrity

Performance – Access Path Performance


SQL / DDL Language Basics

Most common DDL statement examples

DB2 Sequence Objects

How to build / Execute DDL scripts

i Series Navigator

using PDM


DDS to DDL Conversion

i Series Navigator

Using API’s within PDM


Good Practices




Presented by : Chuck Walker


A member of the IMUG board, Chuck has over 25 years experience in IT development and support.  Chuck has considerable experience doing multi-platform design and development -- interfacing System i applications with Visual Basic, Foxpro, SQL Server, MS Office, Web applications and Java as well as SQL and RDBMS development.

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